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Fair Dinkum Sheds


Fair Dinkum Sheds started out in 1990 as a family owned and operated business and is now proudly owned by Fletcher Building. Fair Dinkum Sheds has continued to flourish. Today, Fair Dinkum Sheds has over 130 distributors in Australia and distributor networks across NZ, Fiji, theUK and South Africa. Fair Dinkum Sheds is widely recognised as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in Australasia, with a proven history of success for the past two decades.

Fair Dinkum Sheds have been providing practical sheds to do the job without breaking the bank for over 18 years and have sold over 150,000 sheds in Australasia.

Fair Dinkum Sheds supply quality steel buildings and is the first company in NZ to have received the Australian independent ShedSafe™ accreditation. All Fair Dinkum Sheds are designed to meet the New Zealand Building Code as well as all relevant New Zealand Standards.

The components that comprise our sheds, barns, garages, carports, industrial buildings and homes are made in New Zealand. The materials are also sourced from New Zealand – except for some of the largest frames, made from imported coil, because NZ steel does not produce the thicker materials used to build the strongest sheds in the Cold Rolled Form Steel market.

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Quality Products

We use quality New Zealand steel products. All sheds are accredited as New Zealand Made.

Stronger & Better Sheds

Our standard haunch brackets are all cut from a single piece of steel.

Designed for you

All buildings are customised to suit your specific needs and designed to the condition of your site.

Structural Drawings

Fully engineered site specific working drawings ready for you to apply for building consent. We can assist you with building consent if required.

Local Reputation

Locally owned and operated. We have been erecting steel buildings for over 18 years.

Large Choice

Colours, styles and designs from quality Colorsteel and Zincalume steel.


A range of options and accessories to customise your shed, garage or barn.


If you want to DIY, we offer a DVD and manual to assist during installation.

Add On Later

Ability to add onto your structure at a later time.

You can be confident that we will provide you with all the information and tools you need to confidently purchase your new building.


When you compare quotes be sure to confirm costs and carefully review the following:

  • Check the steel thickness that you are being quoted. The thicker the metal, the stronger and more expensive the shed.
  • Roofing and Cladding, insist that your quotes detail the BMT (Base Metal Thickness) data recommended for comparison by New Zealand Steel. If any of your quotes only state the (TCT) Total Coated Thickness, insist they supply BMT instead, as TCT figures have a level of variation that can be exploited by unscrupulous suppliers that quote the highest potential thickness.
  • Column’s, Girt, Purlins & rafters, ensure you are provided specifications on the materials used. On our quotation we list the product codes which provide you with information on the size and the thickness of all steel members used. EG Column c15024 means the member is a C section 150mm wide and 2.4 mm thick.  Compare this information to be sure you are comparing quotes fairly. Specifying narrower or thinner members impacts the strength of your shed.

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